Training & Development

NILEPET Training and Development Center (NTDC) was incepted in early 2014 to strengthen the capacity of South Sudanese working in South Sudan’s oil industry. It has been realized that shortage in experienced human capital holds our oil business hostage. This often times compromises our potential to provide competitive oversight and management of oil and gas operations in the country and adversely influences the pase of South Sudanization of oil and gas sector at the long run. Therefore, capacity building and professional development of national staffs and institutions is a critical imperative.

NTDC primarily targets all staffs working within NILEPET, Joint Operating Companies (JOCs), Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (MPM) and specialized Committee on Petroleum and Mining at the National Legislative Assembly (NLA). The center prepares an annual training calendar that caters for training needs of the entire oil sector in the country. NTDC’s world class training modules are taught by prestigious experts (from Petronas and Schlumberger) with vast experiences in their respective fields. Furthermore, NTDC provides a conducive learning environment that allows for more interaction between instructors and trainees. Two spacious halls have been equipped and committed as training and learning spaces. There is another (third) hall with conference seating arrangement to be used as executive and VIP meeting space. Participants enhance their social interaction during breakfast time, coffee breaks and lunch breaks at NTDC cafeteria.

NTDC also provide learning spaces, upon request, to outside organizations such as government institutions, INGOs and commercial communities for their tailor-made trainings. NILEPET will provide temporary training instructors. Clients may choose to come with their specialized instructors. In this later case, all NTDC may do is to provide training spaces, service facilities and even meal through professional catering partners.
In conclusion, NILEPET has the vision that a viable/well-resourced Training and Development Center shall reduce expenses of traveling and staying abroad to seek professional development of our South Sudanese nationals.