E & P

Exploration and Production (E&P) Division is the core of business in Nile PetroleumCorporation(NILEPET) charged with participation, facilitation and monitoring of all exploration, field development and production (Upstream) activities in Joint Operating Companies (JOC’s).

Nilepet E&P Division comprises of the following four departments:

1. Exploration Department:

The main task for the Exploration Department is to carry out all exploration activities starting from block promotion, licensing, Seismic operations, wild cat and appraisal identification, basins modeling and G&G studies.
Exploration department in Nilepet play the following roles in conjunction with the JOCs:

  • To participate and monitor the implementation of geological and geophysical (seismic survey, acquisition, processing, interpretation and mapping) activities.
  • Ensure all exploration drilling activities in JOCs are conducted in a proper manner
  • To Participate and monitor G&G studies.
  • To provide technical advices during blocks promotion.
  • Participate in the JOC’s exploration planning.
  • To ensure that all exploration activities are done as per the approved WPB.


2. Field Development Department:

Development department is responsible for the systematic and timely transformation of petroleum resources to reserves through integration of subsurface inputs in order to formulate an optimum Field Development Project/Plan (FDP) which leads to the facilities design i.e. is the custodian of the resources management throughout Exploration & Production cycle.

Currently, Development Department in Nilepet, as a national partner, is to participate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate the development plans carried out by the JOC which includes:

  • Initiation of field development projects (FDP) studies and to decide economic evaluation of the project to determine the profitability of the field during the life-time and the cash flow allocation.
  • Recommendation on number of development wells to be drilled.
  • Planning for well completion & work over jobs for maintenance and/or perforation of the newly identified potential zones.
  • Initiation of production forecasting during the life time of the field.
  • Planning for liquid lifting mechanism whether naturally or artificially (pumps).
  • Adopting oil production enhancement strategy through water injection or any other advanced technology.
  • Proposing Field surface Facilities (FSF) and Field Processing Facilities (FPF).
  • Management of the reservoir during the production life cycle.
  • Monitor the implementation of the recommended development plans from the studies.


3. Drilling & Operations Department:

Role of Drilling and Operations department is to implement drilling projects for both Exploration and Development departments and field operations in other departments; currently, drilling and operations department is to plan, monitor and evaluate the JOCs related operations which include:

  • Wells drilling operations (exploration, development and water wells for the local community).
  • Rig Inspection activity.
  • Rig mobilization.
  • Work over operations.
  • Material Supply (Fuel, spare parts, chemicals, drilling mud materials etc).
  • Construction operations (roads, well pads, water treatment projects).
  • Waste management (Environmental monitoring and remediation)


4. Production and Facilities Department:

Generally, Production and Facilities Department is two folds, Production is established to take care of the oil and gas production monitoring and evaluation while facilities management includes engineering, procurement, consultancy and commissioning (EPCC) for production facilities( PP, FPF, FSF, CPF & etc).
Production and facilities department activities include:

  • To Monitor and evaluate daily production to observe the challenges and motivations.
  • To manage resource depletion.
  • To devise prudent strategies to sustain and maximize oil production.
  • To ensure Safe and reliable design, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning of all upstream development Facilities which includes; Field Surface facilities (FSF), Filed Processing Facilities(FPF), Central Processing Facilities(CPF), Power Plants (PP), Power Distribution, Power Transmission & Water injection (WI) Plants in order to accommodate the daily production.
  • To debottleneck the existing production facilities to meet the need.


All these departments play an important role to provide technical support, evaluation and monitoring to Nilepet and its affiliates, JOCs and the Government.
Nilepet/E&P Division has a vital role in JOCs to ensure the world-class oil and gas business in South Sudan which is the main current revenue generating business, more that 95% state revenues are from the oil export. Full support and facilitation are needed for the government effort to guarantee smooth production and flow of the oil to the external market.
E&P is working hard to support Government strategy to establish local refineries and ensure the ongoing gas development plant comes to exist instead of the gas being flared in the field causing some environmental implications; these will undoubtedly reduce the increasing domestic demand for the oil products.