Downstream Division began working in May 2012, currently its expanded and became the most vital division in the company in terms of its direct linkages in increasingly the company’s revenues.
Downstream and mid stream in oil and gas practices represent clients in the construction , acquisition , disposition , development and financing of various types of downstream including the natural gas trading .Here are the few areas of potential captured in both the Mid stream and Downstream:

1. Areas of the Downstream:

  • Refining
  • Distributions
  • Whole sales trading
  • Retails and Marketing


2. Areas of Mid stream:

  • Different assets facilities
  • Gathering systems
  • Pipelines and gas Processing facilities

The attached papers highlighted the organ gram of the Downstream Division in the Nile petroleum cooperation.

Customer care, Sales and Distribution

  • Interface between customers and NILEPET Downstream Division
  • Prepares a daily sales reports from all downstream locations
  • Responsible for preparing distribution strategy to enable smooth and equitable distribution of petroleum products to petrol stations and RSS 10 States

Responsible for daily ‘stocks in hand’ in all depots

Marketing and Business Development

  • Responsible for preparing marketing strategy for all Downstream products through understanding customers needs
  • Responsible for analysis of markets conditions-trends of demand for petroleum products in RSS
  • Recommends to management about new business opportunities and penetration strategy



  • Interface between NILEPET downstream and supplies contractors (Fuel, LPG etc)
  • Responsible for records of products into NILEPET depots
  • Responsible for preparation of daily inflow (incoming) of stocks into depots